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Taw Pruitt.


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Taw Pruitt is more than a performer.  He's a dedicated professional who strives to make every show unique.

Why? Because...

Taw Pruitt was born February 23, 1976 in Dallas, TX and in 1981 at the age of five he saw something that would change his life FOREVER!

Taw saw a television special with David Copperfield, where not only did Mr. Copperfield do some amazing magic tricks, he also made an airplane disappear! At that exact moment, Taw knew magic would be a big part of his life. 

Taw did magic as a hobby and continued on doing it even after he joined the U.S. Army in 1993. It wasnt until 1998 that Taw lost touch with magic because he was sent to war in Bosnia. In 2006 Taw was disabled in an auto accident and unable to walk for a year, he was confined to a wheelchair and that is when he picked up magic again. This time with a vengeance. The fire inside was alive again and this time would be different....it would be a career choice!

He worked long hours and harder than he had ever worked on anything else, not only Magic this time, but also Hypnosis. Taw has a positive outlook on life and wants to help people as well as entertain and make people happy. If you're looking for a magician to rock your socks off, or a hypnotist to help you develop good habits or help you relax...look no further, you've found TAW.


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